About us

The initiative was started by a group of students from all across Europe who are fighting for a fairer and more sustainable world. We all come from different countries, diverse backgrounds and study in various fields. We are entirely independent as we have not received any funding and are members of no political entity. More information about us in this document.

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Contact us

  • Greek: tassos.papachristou@eci-fairosene.org
  • Italian: valentina.weiskopf@eci-fairosene.org
  • Portuguese: diogovalada@eci-fairosene.org
  • German: sandro.esposito@eci-fairosene.org & hendrik.zech@eci-fairosene.org
  • Other languages: timothee.galvaire@eci-fairosene.org


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Until now, we have not spent much money but campaigning will require funding in the future to ensure adequate promotion of the initiative, to organise events and meetings.