We, a group of students, has launched this initiative but it is now in the hands of every European citizen!

You can use our visuals to share the petition on social media here.

Besides sharing the petition on social media to inform your friends and relatives, you can join the Facebook group where the campaign is organised. If you don’t use Facebook, please contact us via e-mail to join the campaign!

Signatures can also be collected on paper! Each petition form must match the nationality (or the country of residence) of the signatory. More information in each petition form:

Österreich, België, Belgique, България, Hrvatska, Κύπρος, Česká republika, Danmark, Eesti, Suomi, France, Deutschland, Ελλάδα, Magyarország, Ireland, Italia, Latvija, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Malta, Nederland, Polonja, Portugal, România, Slovensko, Slovenija, España, Sverige, United Kingdom.

Please send us a message once you are done collecting statements of support in order to know where to send them: You will need to send them back to us or to your ministry in charge before May 2020. (We won’t open the enveloppes for privacy reasons)

About us

The initiative was started by a group of students from all across Europe who are fighting for a fairer and more sustainable world. We all come from different countries, diverse backgrounds and study in various fields. We are entirely independent as we have not received any funding. More information about us in this document.

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Twitter: @kerosenetax_EU with #fairosene

Instagram: eci_kerosene with #fairosene


Contact us

If you want to get in touch with the team, send us an email at

For press inquiries:


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Until now, we have not spent money, apart from a few stamps but campaigning will require funding in the future to ensure adequate promotion of the initiative, to organise events and meetings.


Special thanks for people who supported us from the very beginning and made this adventure easier!

Sjoerd Stoffels, for embedding this initiative in the Maastricht University Green Impact programme

Jacek Chudy, Lee Calderon and Maastricht University for the website!