Here you can find all the organisations which support our initiative as well as our partners.

Transport & Environment promotes, at EU and global level, a transport policy based on the principles of sustainable development.

Stay Grounded is a Global Network to counter aviation – for a just transport system

Zomer Zonder Vliegen is a campaign that wants to raise greater awareness about the impact of air travel.

Sail to the COP will sail 12.000km
️ to the UN Climate Conference in Chili, for a fair and sustainable future of travel!
Will you join this adventure?
Sign up before June 1st, or support our crowdfunding. Read more about the journey and the reason on

Flight Tax Initiative for Finland is a campaign started early 2019 by some active, worried Finnish citizens. Our aim is to get a flight tax to Finland, because flights are too cheap compared to more sustainable modes of transport. The good experiences from Sweden, from Finland in 1990s, and the public opinion in Finland shows that citizens are favorable to this kind of taxation model.