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Airline companies pay no fuel tax. VAT is not applied on plane tickets. CO2 emissions from flying in Europe has risen by 21% over the past 3 years. Time has finally come to end the kerosene tax exemption in Europe! Sign this European citizens’ initiative registered at the European Commission to make mobility in Europe fairer and more sustainable! Depending on your nationality, you might need your identity document or your passport. This website is automatically translated from English, apologies if translation is not correct. You can find a one-page summary in all European Union official languages in the page ‘Languages’.

Climate change, growing air pollution, and yet aviation emissions are increasing dramatically, year after year.
This is because plane tickets prices are very appealing due to unjustified tax advantages for the aviation industry, while train tickets remain considerably more expensive. You are not the only one who is surprised about this. That is why we launched this European Citizens’ Initiative. It is a unique way for citizens to shape the European Union by calling on the European Commission to make a legislative proposal. Once an initiative collects 1 million signatures, the Commission is formally invited to take action and to propose a policy to the legislators.

The aviation sector indeed benefits unfairly from tax advantages while being the most carbon intensive mode of transport. This situation distorts competition at the expense of trains which, despite their much lesser environmental impact, are highly taxed.

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While aviation is one of the fastest growing source of CO2 emissions, kerosene remains tax exempt. As a result, aviation emissions in the EU have increased by 21% over the past three years, and airlines are disincentivised to reduce their emissions. Moreover, member states do not apply VAT on plane tickets, giving the aviation sector a competitive advantage which makes it impossible for the EU to reach its emission reduction objectives. The low-cost airline Ryanair became the tenth most polluting company in Europe in 2018. It is the first company not related to coal activities to enter the ranking. A European Commission report that was leaked last Monday revealed that taxing aviation kerosene sold in Europe would cut aviation emissions by 11% (16.4 million tonnes of CO2) and would have no net impact on jobs or the economy as a whole while raising almost €27 billion in revenues every year.

Our European Citizens’ Initiative asks for an end to the exceptional position of the aviation sector in the European Union, which financially incentivise the use of planes instead of trains, even for short distances. That means introducing a tax on aviation fuel (kerosene) for flights within the EU. We propose that the tax revenue should be used to finance the much needed transition to a sustainable Europe.

Making the world more sustainable requires more than just words, so you can start taking action today! Let’s call upon the European Commission to prepare an ambitious policy proposal to end the kerosene tax exemption! For the EU to take action, we must collect 1 million online signatures. Countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan already have a domestic kerosene tax.

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Let’s raise our voices to demand the necessary transition to sustainable mobility in Europe! Let’s use the kerosene tax revenue to finance research and development of more sustainable engines, and above all, in the development of railways, especially transnational railway networks. This can be the first cornerstone to a greener Europe! We count on your support to sign the petition and share it!

For further details on our project and to find our sources, take a look at the following link: https://www.endingaviationfueltaxexemption.eu/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Fairosene-Annex.pdf